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Do you want to study with us and be among the best on the job market? If yes, then you are in the right place. Study with us and become the best version of yourself.


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By studying at our University, you will gain prestige at work and thus become a sought-after expert-specialist.


ALUMNI CLUB is a free association of graduates and friends of EUME without legal personality. Membership is entirely voluntary.


Possibility of study installments for up to 12 months and the possibility of studying a second field at half price.


Významným benefitem studia na Eastern University of Management and Education je, že jako úspěšní absolventi obdržíte (vedle diplomu s příslušným profesním titulem) mezinárodní certifikát International Education Society IES, který je celosvětově akceptován.

Neméně důležitým výstupem certifikace International Certification Institute ICI je také certifikát pro absolventy. Certifikát ICI popisuje především profesní kompetence, praktické znalosti a zkušenosti absolventa. Absolventi certifikovaných institucí obdrží oba certifikáty standardně. Kombinace certifikátů posiluje jejich postavení a význam na mezinárodním i domácím trhu práce.

Postgraduate studies at our University have a basis in the teaching of subjects by experts in the particular field of their expertise. Our experts are able to impart to our students not only theoretical knowledge, but above all the years of their practical experience. They are happy to pass on their knowledge, both positive and negative experiences, and teach you how to approach and solve the practical issues and problematic situations in the particular area.

A huge advantage of studying at our University is also the possibility to choose from specific fields of study and specializations, which we teach in Czech, Slovak, English and Russian. This will enable you to develop your language skills and abilities suitable for your profession and field of study. The subjects of each discipline and specialization are designed to make the learning process and information as relevant and up to date as possible to students who will be able to apply it in practice.

Another priority of studying at our University is to gain an advantage over your colleagues or possibly competing job applicants who only have an undergraduate degree. Employees who have completed postgraduate studies have a higher added value for companies as they require less time and investment to prepare them for the particular tasks and jobs. Thus, some of the degrees we offer can not only help you to get a promotion or a better position in the company where you work, but can also significantly increase your value when looking for a new job opportunities or attending a selection process. Last but not least, this can also help you to get a higher financial reward.

While studying at our University, you will meet and learn from our lecturers who have a wealth of practical experience. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to get to know many of your classmates from the same field, which provides you with a wealth of new friendships, colleagues and the potential network of your future business partners that you can become through your studies. We know from our experience that this will expand your portfolio of contacts to unprecedented possibilities.

Studying at our University is fully online and can therefore be completed from anywhere. This eliminates the very expensive and demanding travel and accommodation costs that were previously the case. Communication with course lecturers, classmates and the study department is also online. Physically, students meet for the practical part, which is always very much appreciated for getting to know each other. Our University takes pride in organizing various informal meetings and get-togethers for our students and academia.

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