Editorial and publishing activities

Editorial and publishing activities are focused on the following two main areas:

the first area is the publishing of professional publications: studies, study guides, brochures and other professional and teaching texts and textual aids used for teaching and popularization of scientific and professional activities, publishing of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Systematic Educational Review focused on social sciences and humanities, and the second area is the sale of publications.

In order to guarantee the expertise and quality of original scientific papers published in the context of research and development tasks, the EUME Editorial Board has been set up to act as the scientific editorial board of EUME. The members of this scientific editorial board are renowned experts, most of them with the scientific rank of associate professor or professor.

EUME offers:

the possibility of publishing your publications in your own publishing house and providing ISBNs for your publications and ensuring the administrative formalities associated with the publication, recommending reviewers for your publications, ensuring the typesetting and printing of your publications and, last but not least, ensuring the publication of your publications in cooperation with the AAHEA accreditation agency, with which EUME has long been cooperating.
If you are interested in EUME’s publishing services, please contact the contacts below.


PhDr. Ing. Markéta Šimková, MBA. LL.M.
(+420) 608952050
email: office@eume.university