Information about DBA studies

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Tuition fees

4.000 €

The Doctor of Business Administration is a doctoral-level professional education program. It is an internationally recognized professional non-academic degree that is spelled after the name. It is intended mainly for senior management, entrepreneurs, public sector employees, representatives of non-profit organisations and anyone who wants to get a head start on others. The DBA degree has a long tradition abroad and its acquisition is highly valued in international companies and institutions.

Online DBA studies are aimed at further expanding and deepening the knowledge already acquired beyond the university studies and then focusing on its practical application. It is the focus on practice that creates the added value of the DBA and increases the candidates‘ qualifications and their value on the labour market, gaining access to new and better career positions and jobs, which is also associated with adequate progression in financial remuneration. Teaching is provided by several experienced lecturers from practice who provide students with unique expertise gained from years of experience in the field.

DBA studies are a huge asset for professionals with several years of experience in middle or senior management or business. A graduate with a DBA degree is considered a professional with valuable knowledge and practical experience. 

Choose one of our specializations and become an even greater professional in your field. 

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