Information about LL. D. studies.

Doctor of Law (LL. D.)

Tuition fees

4.000 €

The aim of the study programme is to introduce students to the most important trends in the field of understanding international relations issues within the EU. The programme is specially designed for members of senior management and top management of international companies or Europa companies with international shareholdings, as well as for managers of administrative offices, ministries and other central government bodies who are responsible for dealing with issues with an international element, and the study programme is aimed at expanding the knowledge of LL. M. students, who already deal with the given issue and want to broaden their horizons in the field of legal norms governing business, commercial relations. They want to understand new trends in the use of business negotiations, to deepen in the field of leadership and financial management of the enterprise.

You will be informed about the latest trends in the field of Executive Corporate Law and Business Lew and thus learn information before your competitors. You will learn to benefit from the practical advice and experience of lecturers who will introduce you to new trends, you will receive experienced advice for solving problems in this field and a significant part will be devoted to learning about the legislation in this field. An indisputable benefit of studying at our University is the opportunity to make contacts during your studies with a number of interesting people from various fields of activity, which you can then use in your professional life.

LL. D. specializations