Information about LL. M studies

Master of Laws (LL. M)

Tuition fees

3.000 €

The Master of Laws (lat. Legum Magister) is a professional training program at the Master’s level, organized as the professional education in the area of of legal sciences. It is an internationally recognized professional non-academic degree, written after the name. It is intended mainly for those working in the field of law, representatives of non-profit organizations and anyone who wants to get a head start on others in the area of law. The LL. M. degree has a long tradition internationally and its acquisition is highly valued in international legal practice.

The LL. M. is aimed at further broadening and deepening the knowledge of law beyond your prior university studies and focuses on the application of the practical knowledge and experience shared by our experts. It is our focus on practice that creates the added value for our LL. M. graduates and enhances their qualifications and value on the labor market. Our graduates gain access to new and better career positions and jobs, which is also associated with their increased financial remuneration. Teaching is provided by our experienced lecturers from practice who share with our students their unique expertise and knowledge gained from decades of experience in the field and share with the students their vision of the future of the legal profession and the opportunities.

A graduate with an LL. M. degree is considered a professional with valuable knowledge and experience in legal practice.

LL. M specializations