Information about M.Ed study

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Tuition fees

3.000 €

Our Master of Education (M. Ed.) program is a unique program that allows teachers, trainers, and lecturers from all backgrounds to reflect on how they teach and develop their practice in innovative ways. This modern Master of Education offers a contemporary perspective on technology-based learning and how it can enhance practice. You will explore some key theoretical ideas in the philosophy of education and learn about the historical context that has influenced contemporary educational practice.

Our M. Ed. Master of Education program is an ideal springboard for qualified teachers to expand and enhance their professional development to access leadership roles.

Given the wide range of subjects covered in this course and the opportunity to specialise in a variety of professional contexts and practices, this advanced Masters programme will also support the career development of professionals with some teaching or educational experience.

Students will have the opportunity to enhance their professional practice and achieve leadership roles in their chosen careers such as teachers, lecturers, counsellors and training administrators, specialists, policy makers, researchers, community and health educators and other related professions.

Graduates will be specialists in reflective learning and become experts in research to inform teaching and learning.

M. Ed. specializion