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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Tuition fees

3.000 €

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) title is awarded as a non-academic professional degree, written after the name.

In no way is it a substitute for higher education (be it a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree), but a professional degree that appropriately complements and further extends your prior higher education.

This program provides a highly professional focus on the education of all management staff, both from the ranks of those seeking managerial positions or functions, or people already in these positions who simply want to supplement their education and remain on top. It is no secret that in certain companies (especially international ones) an MBA degree is an absolute must, not only for the career advancement and reaching higher managerial positions, but also for the system of self-learning that becomes a common requirement in the international and even domestic companies. Are you wondering which MBA course is suitable for you?

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