Information about MPH study

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Tuition fees

3.000 €

The Master of Public Health (MPH) programme is designed for all those who want to bring order, meaningful rules and a fair system to the management processes in the healthcare sector. The MPH is a great choice for high school graduates or students, undergraduate and graduate students, managers of health care facilities or in the public sector, health care professionals, physicians, social workers and managers of health care facilities.

The MPH Public Health Education Program focuses on leadership, management and organizational behavior in the health care sector. The entire study is based on a simple system and flexibility. In addition to gaining information and knowledge, students build the skills needed to be employed in leadership positions in the healthcare or public sector. Through case studies, webinars, written assignments and presentations, students understand the ways in which theory can be integrated into practice.

Graduates of the MPH program are employed in leadership and management positions in health care organizations and facilities, the health insurance and supply sectors, and as consultants. They will gain insight into the policy areas of international healthcare management, be able to be members of management teams or manage teams themselves, and be a fount of new projects and innovations in terms of vision and direction for organizations to better their organizations. They will be an asset and a driver for corporate culture, planning and advocacy for change.

MPH specialization