Tuition fees

3.000 €

Information about study

The MPH in Public Health, presents one of the most sought after forms of lifelong learning today. Among other things, this education is aimed at acquiring new knowledge, skills and experience, which are then transferred by graduates to their practice. Upon successful completion of this training programme, the graduate receives an MPH degree, which is a globally recognised standard and is in high demand. The MPH program is designed not only for physicians, medical and pharmaceutical representatives, mid- and top-level managers, but also for representatives of the private, public and non-profit sectors of the healthcare industry. This education will benefit all candidates who are eager to gain new knowledge and are interested in learning about the latest innovations and trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of the study

Postgraduate studies at our university are based on the teaching of subjects by experts. These experts are able to impart to students not only theoretical knowledge, but above all years of practical experience.
Students have the opportunity to choose from specific fields of study and specializations that we teach in Czech, Slovak, English and Russian, which further enables them to develop their language skills and abilities appropriate to your profession and field of study.

Another priority of studying at our University is to gain an advantage over your colleagues or possibly competing job applicants who only have a university degree. Thus, some of the degrees we offer may not only help you to get a promotion or a better position in the company where you work, but may also significantly increase your value when looking for a new job or attending a selection process, and may also help you to get a higher financial reward.



Length of study:

2 semesters

Language of study:

Czech, Slovak, Russian, English

Place of study:

On-line, Practical teaching according to the teaching district.

Organization of study:

The study takes place only on Saturdays, or the possibility of changing the dates of implementation of the educational program by agreement in the group.

Price per study:

3.000 € (price is final, does not change during the course of the study)

Admission conditions:

Completion of a first or second degree or professional experience in the field.

The certificate of successful completion of the vocational training programme is a certificate of completion of courses in the language of instruction and in English.

Law in the health sector

Management in the healthcare sector

Occupational health protection

Communication and communication skills in healthcare

Crisis Management in Healthcare Facilities

Ethical Aspects in Healthcare and Organizational Management

Management and Organization Management in Healthcare

Legislation in the health sector

Economics in healthcare institutions

Psychological seminar

Compulsory practice

Health policy in the EU and WHO

Diploma Thesis