Master's Studies

Tuition fees

3.000 - 3.500 €

Management degrees in Master’s studies are awarded as non-academic professional degrees, written after the name.

Please note that this is in no way a substitute for higher education (whether bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral – scientific degree), but a lifelong career education that not only complements but also extends this higher education.

It is a highly professional focus in the education of all management staff in all the fields we offer, both from the ranks of candidates for managerial positions or functions or people who are already in these positions and just want to supplement their education and thus stay on top. It is no secret that in some companies (especially international ones) it is absolutely necessary to have one of the degrees we offer, not only for career advancement and to reach higher managerial positions, but also for the system of self-education that is a common requirement in foreign, but also domestic companies. Management education is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from others and open up new opportunities for your professional and personal growth.

Are you wondering which field of study for this master’s degree is suitable for you? Take a look at the specialisations we offer.