Information about study

Mezinárodní certifikované studijní programy od International Education Society /IES/ a International Certification Institute /ICI/ jsou zaměřené na profesní rozvoj v souladu s praktickými požadavky práce v jednotlivých oblastech jsou v současnosti nejvyhledávanější formou celoživotního vzdělávání, které je 100% realizováno technikou distančního vzdělávání. To vám umožňuje efektivně doplňovat své akademické vzdělání a rozvíjet praktické a supervizní dovednosti kdykoli a kdekoli pod kontrolou odborníků.

The cornerstones of our school are the study programs designed primarily for middle and senior level managers, as well as for the representatives of the private, public and non-profit sectors, the school personnel and other professionals in the education and academia. The study is also suitable for specialists with technical education, lawyers and doctors, teachers, principals, which need to develop or enhance their specialization focus, or plan to work in senior management positions. As a benefit from our education, all of our students, who want to gain new knowledge, learn about the latest trends or innovations in their area and stay ahead of their competition.

It should be noted that our postgraduate studies are based on teaching of subjects by our carefully selected experts, whose knowledge and professional achievements guarantee and bring the added value for our students, which sets them apart from others. They are able to give students the theoretical knowledge in the form, in which it is successfully applied in practice, which cannot be learned elsewhere. Students have the opportunity to choose from specific fields of study and specializations that we teach in Czech, Slovak, English and Russian. This allows our students to further develop their language skills and abilities suitable for their profession and field of study.

One of our priorities at our University and aims of this postgraduate education is to provide our students with a clear advantage over your colleagues or competing job seekers who only have a university degree. Some of the degrees offered by us can help you to get a promotion or a better position in the company where you already work, and can also significantly increase your value when looking for a new job or if you are seeking the opportunity to successfully participate in the selection process elsewhere. Equally important is also a substantially higher financial reward for your work, which is one of the benefits of our postgraduate education programs.


Offer of study programs