Scientific research and publication
activities of the student

Scientific research and publication activities of EUME scientific and pedagogical staff are part of their professional activities and, in addition to quality educational activities, represent a significant part of their scientific output. This scientific production is purposefully managed and monitored, and attention is paid in particular to projects and publications that are highly evaluated in the framework of the accreditation of study programmes and comprehensive accreditation (mainly foreign and domestic scientific monographs, articles in database scientific journals, articles in scientific journals in a world language, etc.) Students and educational staff can publish not only in our scientific journal Systematic Educational Review, but also in other journals.

Students in Master’s programmes are required to publish two scientific articles from their research activities. Doctoral students are obliged to publish 4 scientific articles of which 1 in WOS/Scopus.

EUME has its own publishing house for scientific and professional literature and the editorial activities of EUME are managed by an editorial committee. We do not forget to organize scientific events and also support the participation of our staff in similar events at home and abroad.